dark paradise

back to Christchurch now I caught this image in the rarest of moments absolutely gorgeous the sky was steel grey  yet the sun shone  the effect was damningly beautiful a double rainbow clashing with the industrial clad back ground I consider this to be one of my best photographs what do you think ?


akaroa part : 6

when you pop down to akroa go to the hinewai walk its really lovely the views and the experience itself cant be captured in photographs 🙂

amazing wall art

graffiti or wall art its up to you to classify it can be found in Christchurch  . i do not know who made this but whoever he/she is they did a pretty good job . feel free to comment if you know the artist behind this art work .

same story 2 different buildings

Just opposite a hotel that fell victim to the earth quake is reflected on the hotel’s window is the cathedral (and of course you can see me duck 97 in the midst of all this madness.)2 different buildings serving different purposes were grievously affected as well as the rest of Christchurch .it is a bit odd that these buildings are still here.

earthquake after effects christchurch

living in Christchurch it is hard not to notice the general devastation of the earthquake especially around central Christchurch e.g.  high street , Colombo  street . these are just one of the many affected areas. 3 years later and Christchurch sure has  has come along way . its not perfect but they are getting there of course it will never be the before 2011 Christchurch (which i never had the pleasure of experiencing ) right now its definitely interesting walking down the road and finding crumbling buildings with fences and graffiti . its like walking down an ancient city wondering what they used to do , what they used to think  , what they used to fight about . hmmmm at this point its very debatable as to what the ambiance of central Christchurch feels like to an outsider like me it feels like an ancient city but to one whom lived all their life there could there be a great sadness surrounding the area . any how i shall present a number of photographs of my sweet walks hope you like them or dislike them . (a varied opinion is what i live for )  and have a lovely day internet people