wage of age



Cute, tiny , port town near Chch, Nz If you really dig ports its nice, I guess there isn’t much to do apart from admiring it to be honest. You could say its quaint, I feel like its not the main dish its like the pre-starter. If you lived in a big city you might appreciate it more for being quiet like a ghost town. To be fair when I went there the weather was dull and the rest of the pictures I shall post will be edited. This particular picture is left in its natural state of darkness.


awkward green towel next to door

to those following this blog you will have noticed that I have hardly posted anything for a month and I do apologize I have up and down dealing with school . luckily the Easter holidays are up and coming so I will have time to start up a new theme and quirky photography skills . basically awkward is my new enterprise I hope you like the collection which will be posted as soon as possible . hope everyone has a good Easter and hope you will fall in love with my photography skills