wage of age


flowers of victory

This year is more of a focus on Photo-shoping my images, previously i was using Picasso photo editor but now its Photoshop cc. Any how expect weirdly colored images and a title. I will rarely ever type a paragraph thesis. So far so good if you aren’t following me do it ASAP its going to be an adventure, picture wise and I am ready are you ?


Cute, tiny , port town near Chch, Nz If you really dig ports its nice, I guess there isn’t much to do apart from admiring it to be honest. You could say its quaint, I feel like its not the main dish its like the pre-starter. If you lived in a big city you might appreciate it more for being quiet like a ghost town. To be fair when I went there the weather was dull and the rest of the pictures I shall post will be edited. This particular picture is left in its natural state of darkness.