2018 the year I hid

It’s 2018 I have hardly blogged any content photographs or sob stories. Finished with my second year at Polytech and awaiting my third year all I can do is wonder why I became so silent so closed in and so distant from almost every one in my life. I guess it’s easy to not say hello or goodbye. All the anxiety that builds up in me every time I talk to a stranger or someone I barely know. I’ve experienced a lot of negative people and so has the rest of humanity I wonder if by shutting the door on all of humanity have I shut the door on the few good ones?

The more you live the more you realise the people you hurt are the ones you love. On my 21st birthday I write to you to gather your strength and be kind to each other. 2018 being the year I hid who I am and what I feel because I thought everyone was gliding around me on the thin ice of life and I was the only one who fell through the cracks. Why should I ruin it for everyone? Maybe I should sink deeper into the cracks and they will forget me. Maybe I should drown…..

Alas this bitch isn’t going to drown she’s got a weak stroke but watch her float up and rise up 😉

I can learn from my mistakes and most importantly forgive myself. I hope you can forgive yourself also. Happy 2019 🙂