a funky little mess

well that is what i like to call Christchurch . it could be better that’s true but in the end it what it is and thus ends my mini series on Christchurch. hope you enjoyed it .


the street art in Christchurch

the art is pretty amazing and unique and i m not so sure who created this if you have any information feel free to comment about who this artist is

amazing wall art

graffiti or wall art its up to you to classify it can be found in Christchurch  . i do not know who made this but whoever he/she is they did a pretty good job . feel free to comment if you know the artist behind this art work .

its Spring !!! in New Zealand of course (finally !! )

at last spring is here !! no more bulky coats , no more muddy fields and loads of animals getting it on( you know what I mean 😉 . like the two ducks photographed  by myself duck 97  (jade)  I do enjoy photographing ducks as their lives are so interesting to me (it could be a phase ) but otherwise enjoy my spring photographs of birds , plants and anything else I might come across . 🙂