Ok first of all let me introduce you to the Canadian god of indie/alternative music Mac Demarco MY FAVOURITE ARTIST OF ALL TIME . (I’m a fan girl)  He has four albums of which rock and roll nightclub and salad days are my favourite albums. I basically spent two summers watching his random interviews on youtube ( yeah I’m that type of fan girl.). Every time I tell my friends who he is they be like “who is that ?? ” and i’m like “this friendship has been down graded to acquaintance-ship.”

Lol I’m not very good at articles. Any how so this school mate (hey Devyn!!) of mine says there is a sold out Mac Demarco concert in like early December 2015 in CHRISTCHURCH. and I’m like when did this happen ????? So I go online and lo and behold the concert is sold out 😦  😦  I couldn’t even get a ticket up in the north island. So I’m so sad but my mum(who still doesn’t know Mac Demarco even tho I play his tunes on speaker in my room like all the time.) is like don’t give up and I’m yeah right. So we search Trade me and ask an assortment of characters if they know anyone who resells tickets. But still no tickets…….

Any way its like late December and I’m volunteering at the bookshop ( visit your local St. Christopher’s dove  second-hand book shop in Christchurch for the best deals 🙂 ) And this random tall dude with a DeMarco t-shirt walks in and I’m “thank you Lord for this bountiful gift that you have given unto me” . FINALLY some one else who knows Mac Demarco so I ask the guy if he knows Mac and yass he is a true fan. So the guy is like why don’t you hustle on facebook for tickets ? and im like sure yah (I hate facebook and I quit that mess long time ago). The fellow Mac Demarco fan guy is really encouraging and is like see you there and im like yeah (right…………) So I decide well I may as well go and see the guy (Mac Demarco) at the airport.

6:48 am I’m awake thinking lol this is a bad idea to go to the airport but im like this is a once in a life time opportunity  DO IT MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. I dress up and eat breakfast  and go to the bus stop and I missed the bus and im like ……… this is unfortunate so I end up waiting  an hour for the bus. ( but I meet this cute Japanese tourist t couple and have a great convo with them)  so it like 8 am im on the bus like omg wat if I Missed the guy cause he was an early flight then I thought who on earth takes an early flight to Christchurch ? So I wait and eventually gets a cup of coffee (Vienna of course. cause darlings its my favourite) and some expensive 6 dollar airport timtams. I wait and its like 11:00 am and im like omg I cant but I think if leave now id probably go home and be miserable. So I persevered until I got this fear that the airport guys are probably watching me on the cameras thinking im probably a terrorist or something. By this time it 12:00 pm and I had scanned 4 crowds arriving from wellington to Christchurch. and I think what if I already missed the guy and im waiting my time. But I wait for the last wellington flight which was supposed to come in at 12:55 pm but it shows up at 1:33 pm and im like this is it I’m done with this mess. I tried and failed.

I’m looking at the floor and I see a pair of faded blue vans and I look up and there is Mac Demarco with a guy (with really beautiful hair btw not Mac the other guy hopefully will get name l8er) and I like “are you Mac, Mac Demarco? ” he looks around like a bit startled and is like “Yes I’m Mac Demarco.” and part of me died I was so confused he was like do you wanna a pic with me im thinking omg this isn’t  real run away girl and scream and idk evaporate . So I ended up taking one pic of him (the above one) and found out he was a really nice guy dude (10 points for personality) he shook my hand and dealt well with over emotional me. I cant remember half the conversation. I was just flabbergasted. So he is like are you going to the concert and im like no it was like sold out (like in October ) and he is like cool I will just get you on my guest list. and the other part of me that didn’t die, died. I felt like I was in a chick flick where good shit happens and everyone kind of lives happily ever after with a good soundtrack (baby’s wearing blue jeans my fav song ).  So he was like see you there and I hop of away smiling happy people be staring like wat r u doing ? but im happy as.

Yeah that’s what happened when I met Mac DeMarco at chch airport. He is a cool guy and shout out to Kiki !!! I thought I would have seen her but Mac said she was back at home. It was a cool experience and I shall update how it goes yo!!!