same story 2 different buildings

Just opposite a hotel that fell victim to the earth quake is reflected on the hotel’s window is the cathedral (and of course you can see me duck 97 in the midst of all this madness.)2 different buildings serving different purposes were grievously affected as well as the rest of Christchurch .it is a bit odd that these buildings are still here.


One thought on “same story 2 different buildings

  1. Ah ha! With this post the question of “are you in Christchurch New Zealand or Christchurch England?”has been answered ! Christchurch New Zealand is my home city, and like you a adore murals, street art, texture and photography with a story.
    The rebuild is going slowly but I hope that the end result is a stunning, vibrant, upbeat city that the people who have lived and stayed though the trauma and difficulties of the quakes deserve. 🙂

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