earthquake after effects christchurch

living in Christchurch it is hard not to notice the general devastation of the earthquake especially around central Christchurch e.g.  high street , Colombo  street . these are just one of the many affected areas. 3 years later and Christchurch sure has  has come along way . its not perfect but they are getting there of course it will never be the before 2011 Christchurch (which i never had the pleasure of experiencing ) right now its definitely interesting walking down the road and finding crumbling buildings with fences and graffiti . its like walking down an ancient city wondering what they used to do , what they used to think  , what they used to fight about . hmmmm at this point its very debatable as to what the ambiance of central Christchurch feels like to an outsider like me it feels like an ancient city but to one whom lived all their life there could there be a great sadness surrounding the area . any how i shall present a number of photographs of my sweet walks hope you like them or dislike them . (a varied opinion is what i live for )  and have a lovely day internet people


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