random gif of self (i hope it works though )

I honestly have no particularly interesting photos to post at the moment however my face can pull of some crazy expressions. definitely  I am not blessed with poker face and I’m pretty happy anyone can read my emotions of my face (which is a good and bad thing ) and to my darling internet people I hope I find a worth while thingy to photograph and take your breath away . the thingy may mostly be me cause its kinda illegal to take random pics of people  in new Zealand . in Kenya I didn’t know what is or is not illegal . you just kinda go with the flow until your arrested . (or in court or whatever ) well excluding the basics aka the ten commandments . have an awesome day /night  internet people . shout out to the person checking out my blog from Jersey (I that country in my stats ). I didn’t even know such a place, country existed . thank you for educating me with your presence . 


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