review of la boheme

yesterday I went to the opera . my very first and hopefully not my last . all in all I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect : elaborate costumes ,a banshee’s wail , un-understandable words (I mean the title is in Italian , suggesting the entire dialogue could be Italian .) . but my darlings mostly I was unsure of how to dress to the opera  . technically to the extent of my knowledge most of Christchurch theatres are busted up by the earthquake and so the show premiered in CBS arena . (kind of disappointing , I was hoping for polished wood , gleaming chandeliers and painted cherubs .) to be honest when I saw the advertisement in the paper I expected be enchanted and I was. but  then slightly disappointed by its plainness .

out of 10 I rate the :

  • costumes 3/10 I mean honestly white shirt and tights on Mimi  .my expectations opulently dressed poor  not : we kind of spent the budget on something else .
  • the singing 8/10 not the banshees wail I initially thought of. they thing that constantly reminded me that  it was an opera not a low budget play .
  • the set 7/10 because they literally had to construct  an entire stage in the arena . truly more use of the curtains would be nice (really nice) no need to observe construction – deconstruction of the set . (perhaps its the tradition ?)
  • the orchestra 8/10  did a good job in my opinion . I enjoyed it .
  • modernising the opera 4/10 shoddy job mate . I’m uncertain how Rodolfo couldn’t sell his I-phone so he could take Mimi to the hospital . technically the opera is based in France (modern day France ) there are so many components to updating a play / musical / opera just chucking in a computer onset was kind of disappointing .
  • all in all experience 7/10 for me it was romantic and I am a romantic (of sorts ) and I did enjoy it .

the opera had surtitles (thank God ) and I did understand what they were going on about . some how I felt if I understood Italian it would be a better experience not having to shift your eyes from the stage to the surtitles all the time . but I know it would be unfulfilled if it was literally translated into English . makes me want to learn some Italian .sounds worthwhile .

now how to dress for the opera . dress for the weather and feel free to be posh . I mean there was this one lady dressed in a silk gown and furs . in my opinion she was looking good and she did set the standard of what the opera should be and feel like . (ok I tried I wore a black dress , purple tights , my shoddyish pair of goldeny shoes toped up with my blue coat . bloody hell I sound colour blind .) regardless of this, there is nothing wrong with posh in the opera .it can only be envied .

in spite of this being my first opera I do have an opinion , a bit negative (roses have thorns ) and I loved it and the experience was worth while . definitely Christchurch and the world needs to see why Mimi loves Rodolfo .


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