empty vase bought chutney instead of flowers , how unfortunate …..

the chutney was definitely good and I did miss the hopeful scent of fresh flowers . cant have a cake and eat it , still trying to understand new WordPress layout I get off the net for a while and this happens . truly unfortunate . meanwhile life in Christchurch can be summed up in one /a couple of statements : bipolar weather . Argentina was so close . hope and wire last episode this Thursday  . I didn’t know cars were so expensive ( dream car land rover defender = 50,000 $ nz ) . just watched Ida (the Danish movie ) . before that I watched winter light  and planned on watching Calvary  but ended up watching Ida . So many movies based on religion   in one weekend . still planning on watching Calvary no idea when . now I have an obsession over Yami Shibai  aka creepy , 4 min Japanese cartoon/anime horror stories .( worth watching in subs haven’t checked out the dubed version ) I still support married priest hood but the hype has died down . technically not all priests want to be married but the choice should be offered . ( idk life is hard enough ) . probably I should get a job to start paying for my dream ride . meanwhile im checking out getting some volunteer work , for animals . I like cats (idk dogs poop randomly cats poop in a box ) why animals ? because humans are so bitchy + my insurance don’t cover humanity in general . cant wait to do volunteer work with animals  might be fun includes : cleaning out animal poop and cleaning them . hope to blog more regularly . thanks to all the people who follow my blog . especially gbebensee  who always likes my posts . and  maltesemarriedcatholicpriest who inspired me to share my opinion . have an awesome day . ok internet people . have an awesome day


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