aloha, heart break , confessing love , personal experience

to my darlings and beloved audience I laid dormant in my bed pending life and its meaning .I admit I have reached no conclusion but I have realised that maybe we make the point of existence in our very existence .   eat more. yes eat more , food , food , food . think more about the consequences of existing . the problems with humanity is that we fall in love quite often but with the wrong people . the wrong person  . from that  in a way you begin to hate the situation you are in (in love with guy who has a fiancée ) then you begin to hate (either the guy , his fiancée or both of them or the whole world ) . truth is you just want to be loved . trust me their are 7 billion people on earth and every one of them knows the pains of joy and love if you can bring joy to people or a person ( by being direct tell the guy I love you what next ? convert to Islam and I can marry both of you replies the guy . and so life continues .  ) moral of the story you never know the answer unless you ask . you might think yourself stupid , foolish , fuckup, but hey you gain from all experiences even if you end up sobbing for the whole of the night . you might think that that one guy is so special and you just want him ( your not interested in the second wife concept  or not having him in your life at all)


       then this is where decisions happen, serious life changing . how far are you willing to go for a person knowing that  whatever your going to do wont land you in jail. best decision is to ignore the person and if they realise what your worth to them cool if its not mutual love, move on with your life . but if you feel in the depths of your heart , being , existence then you are in love . communicate the idea with the person . confess your love to them . just be like , “hey do you have a minute ? can we talk in private ? ” and at that moment look at the persons eyes (if the person or yourself have visual problems hold hands with each other .) and remember to ignore the rest of the world . because at that moment ( unless interrupted ) only the two of you exist  . and confess . if you get together (which may or not happen ) the journey of your relationship has just begun don’t give up so easily if you can fight for love then you can fight for it to stay together .(if it backfires you’ve been there done that . ) the worst regret is not doing anything because it would end up being damn more unsatisfying than failure .

 my experience of love is lame to be honest , was more like crushing on random strangers on the bus , than actually deep honest love . that was until I met a prince ( not one with cash though , or kingdom or a Ferrari . ) I met a prince and I was enchanted . I never met some one so kind , sweet , gentle and perfectly imperfect human being . the prince was decent though but like all stories there is a catch the prince has a girlfriend , the prince has his friends , the prince has a life . that’s where decisions come do i tell him or should i be patient and let the prince realise that i exist ?. i choose patience and its morality . maybe this isn’t the right prince  .  but i do appreciate him for his existence that one day i will get a prince/ princess / whoever else  is in the market who will exist for my sake . that’s a happy thought stay positive love should be surprising and gentle not forced and unnecessary . have faith and here is a random picture of self 🙂  ( don’t worry im really  random get used to it )


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