awkward chair in natural light

awkward chair in natural light

the sun has started setting early day by day in new Zealand as winter approaches . the times are soon to change . day light saving I have never heard of the concept nor understood it . any useful hints as to how it functions and actually serve a purpose email me . but this chair highlighted in natural light appears quite dark . the darkness fills in the corners of the photograph and the slightest hints of actual light are in the polish of the chair’s wooden frame . the fact that I only used one chair is to symbolise the actual loneliness of a person (being ) the chair looks like a figure with its back turned against the world (or me as a photographer . in my opinion the chair symbolises the curled up lonely figure in our human frame work . when we are not understood it isolates us . when we are ignored it diminishes a part of our being . optimism will be the next frontier of the chair figure as I shall demonstrate in the next photograph .


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