i just feel like writing about emails and mtv babies from africa

listening to the blood hound gang , an empty bottle of ginger beer by my side who knew the crunch of an apple is irritating in silence ?  waiting for an email that might never be replied who emails any more ? I  and members of Chris Christie  office . this is the point the world discovers I watch Aljazeera . yes I do I would advise only political students to watch it not teenagers like myself who’s parents cancelled the Mtv  subscription . the truth is we never did subscribe but we used to when we lived in Kenya . yay mtv in Africa  true story inviting your friends over to watch mtv and going over to their friends house to watch more mtv  and visiting your aunty who just changed the channel from kids co to mtv because . we are the mtv Africa babies . never lived the 90s truly because we were born on the edge of the centaury  . the year 2000 meant INTERNET < DEMOCRACY < GWEN STEFANI < CHINA < MTV BABIES < AMERICA SUCKS < PRINCESS DIARIES <I POD < REALITY TV <  .

now listening to empire of the sun the banana peel next to me is browning , time fades , but love is the one thing that remains , love for the person im emailing . I can wait  , mtv babies can wait you know , mtv babies go on tumblr reblogging photos of couples . it is nice thinking about the exciting email reply im waiting for . mean while my dreams are of snakes and grass and spaghetti and








the blue emptiness above our heads still waiting for the email

now listening to blur love in the 90s ? lead to mtv babies like myself 

I hope they are waiting for emails

it would prove to me that we are all humans

waiting for emails



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