the unexotic life of of a 16 year old who just moved to new zealand

the unexotic life of of a 16 year old who just moved to new zealand

unexotic describes my life at current I use my laptop to communicate , shades to hide from the world , ginger beer to remind me that I am semi cool , banana because I was hungry , hairband because I have irritating braids that I want to remove from my head . oh yea and it doesn’t help that I live in the most exciting place in the world new Zealand . just because it is exciting does not mean it is exotic . I use exotic here to describe the fact my life is not Narnia but more like driving Mrs daisy (kiwi style ) . the next question who lives life like Narnia ? my opinion any one sailing the Mississippi , married some one with a British accent , went to Russia (in the 90s ) , and has 3 relatives who live in paradise . paradise is a unique location on earth where the beach is warm throughout day and night where there are , coconuts , bbc , and corruption . corruption is something else most of the time its bad but when necessary to live your life . it is a lifestyle for some for those unexposed blessed are you for you have not yet lived what the majority on earth live . am I really sixteen years old ? yup this time I didn’t have a birthday cake so I forgot my birthday . for those who are confused I take pictures and put them on a website called WordPress hoping to get semi famous one day . today I felt like writing . some people normally write things that go with their photographs . I admit to laziness and English corrupted to my favour, on all of my photo titles . for me the most interesting thing about new Zealand is that the famous accident advert on telly has more views on you tube than citizens on its land .


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